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ISVI Corp is specialized in advanced cameras technology for the High resolution Fast speed cameras 

for the Aerospace, Military, Automation,  AOI, 2D/3D inspection and Wafer Inspection.

ISVI is the First Company to design and develop the CoaXPress cameras with 4 din BNC connectors 

for applications that require High Resolution and fast speed for the Automation Industries.

ISVI developed the new 29MP 5FPS camera link base for UAV, OLED applications and other 

applications using very low light level.

ISVI Corp will exhibit the following cameras during the SPIE Defense Show:

1-     IC-M25CXP     25MP 53FPS      Coaxial Express Camera
2-     IC-M12CXP    12MP 175FPS     Coaxial Express Camera
3-     IC-M29             29MP 5FPS         Camera Link Camera

The CXP is new technology using 4 coaxial cable or channels and each channel can transmit up to 

6.25Gbs and max of 25Gbps for all 4 channels. Using the Coaxial cables will increase the data 

bandwidth and the distance of the cable up to 40, meters compared to the standard camera link 

cable of 10 meters.

The ISVI CXP cameras speeds can be configured from CXP-1 to CXP-6. In turn, you can use 4 

cameras to one frame grabber at a slower speed by configuring the camera to CXP-1 or you can 

use one camera at a max speed using the CXP-6 configuration.

The ISVI CXP cameras are supported by Matrox Radient CXP Grabber, Bitflow Carbon CXP Grabber 

and the Active Silicon FireBird CXP Grabber.

The ISVI new 29MP and the 12MP CXP cameras will be available in Mono or color 8bit/ 10bit/12bit 

Raw Bayer. The 25MP CXP camera will be available in Mono or color 8bit/ 10bit.  All cameras will 

have Auto or manual white balance, Gama setting low noise and high dynamics range with 25G 

shock and vibration.

The lens mount is available in F-mount,  flange back is 46.5mm and the M42 mount,  flange back is 

17mm. ISVI can provide M42 Telecentric lenses for high accuracy and no distortion.

Visit the ISVI web Page and download the PDF files from this link: www.isvi-corp.com

Contact Sales@ISVI-Corp.com and provide your application and requirements, and

demonstration will be arranged for you.