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ISVI, in cooperation with Symco, demonstrates the future of high-speed machine vision at ITE Yokohama

CoaXPress has paved the way for successful high-speed and high-resolution applications

Oxford, CT., USA, November 14, 2013: 


ISVI Corp. will show its latest CoaXPress cameras together with its Distribution Partner, SYMCO 

Corporation of Tokyo, Japan, at the ITE Yokohama 2013 Vision Show from 4-6 December at the 

Symco Booth Hall D #54. By showing their cutting-edge technologies, ISVI and Symco will 

demonstrate how easy it is to integrate the CoaXPress interface into all high-speed and high-

resolution applications including AOI, SPI and semiconductor inspection.

ISVI and Symco will be showcasing the IC-C25CXP, a 25 Megapixel CMOS camera with a 72fps frame 

rate, together with the Active Silicon FBD-4XCXP6 in PCI Express x8 (Gen2), an eight lane (x8) Gen2 

PCI Express board for capture from four 6.25Gbps CoaXPress (CXP) channels.. Demonstrating the 

high bandwidth capabilities of four CXP coaxial connections, they will show that transferring very 

large image data volumes is easy and economical while also providing a much more deterministic 

interface than GigE Vision or USB3.


EQUIPMENT 2013 in Yokohama, Japan from 4-6 December, Hall D, Booth #54.
ISVI Corp. is a leading supplier of high-speed, high-resolution industrial camera systems. ISVI 

services a wide range of industrial camera applications such as microscopy, machine vision, factory 

automation, robotics, medical, and more. Customers include OEMs, system integrators, end-users, 

researchers, and developers. For further information, please visit www.isvi-corp.com.

SYMCO provides complete vision systems and compact vision (smart cameras), such as the special 

systems arranged for semiconductor manufacturing machine builders. SYMCO supports mainly OEM 

customers, not only for the semiconductor field, but also for robotic, medical, and the food and 

beverage fields. SYMCO provides the most suitable system required for each customer, with advanced 

solutions. For further information, please visit http://www.symco.co.jp.

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