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ISVI Corp. announces distribution partnership with Integrys Ltd. for the Canadian machine vision market



ISVI Corp. announces the signing of a distribution agreement with Integrys Ltd. to address the 

Canadian machine vision market for high-speed, high-resolution cameras.

“The Canadian machine vision market is extremely diverse and its OEMs are becoming more and more 

cutting-edge in their use of the latest technologies,” said Gerard White, Vice President of International 

Operations at ISVI. “Integrys Ltd., as a very well-known and respected supplier of high-end machine 

vision components, consultation and customized services to a very wide variety of application areas, 

was a clear choice for us. Their reputation as a reliable and expert partner in machine vision is a 

perfect match to ISVI’s high-end camera offering.”

“We are pleased to be working with ISVI. ISVI brings an excellent line of high-speed, high-resolution

cameras to our portfolio of machine vision products,” said Wayne Mason, General Manager/VP at 

Integrys. “Canadian customers looking for high-speed imaging without compromising image quality 

will benefit greatly from ISVI products and experience.”