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ISVI Corp. Announces Distribution Partnership with Advanced Imaging Components (AIC), Inc. 

Seoul, S. Korea, January 11, 2016: 


ISVI Corp., a global leader in high-speed, high-resolution camera technology, announces the signing of 

a distribution agreement with Advanced Imaging Components (AIC), Inc. to address the Japanese.

Automated Imaging market with sales and support of its cameras. 

“Continued demand for automation implementation in the automotive and electronics industries in 

Japan is fueling the need for cutting-edge tools to do the job more accurately and cost-effectively”, 

said Gerard White, Vice President of ISVI. “Partnering with AIC, a new company but with 

experienced automated imaging professionals having excellent product and market knowledge, 

will give us the coverage and partnership we need to position our high-end cameras in the

Japanese market to address this demand. 

We are happy and proud to have AIC as our partner.” 

“We at AIC, Inc. are proud to announce that we have officially started a new business operation as a 

distribution company in the machine vision market in Japan on 11th November, 2015,” stated Shigeo 

Yoshikawa, Director of AIC. “Together with ISVI we aim to provide our customers with advanced 

industrial cameras and higher level services.” 

About ISVI Corp.
ISVI Corp. is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of advanced high-speed, high-resolution 

camera technology combining the latest high-bandwidth interface technologies with the newest sensors 

available. Focusing exclusively on these camera attributes allows us to achieve an unparalleled 

combination of image quality and high-speed image acquisition for the most demanding applications. 

ISVI cameras are used in many diverse application areas including AOI, 2D/3D metrology, SPI, wire 

bond inspection, wafer inspection, bio-mechanics, high-end security, aerospace, robotics,

cinematography, medical, microscopy, sports & entertainment, and general machine vision.

About AIC, Inc. 

AIC Inc. provide advanced industrial cameras, image processing boards, software, lighting, and also 

solutions that customers are seeking by optimizing “Light emission, Light transmission, and Light 

detection“ with its parent company’s cooperation – REVOX.